Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization creates the steady stream of traffic you need to grow your business.  Business owners know that a successful web presence involves more than just a well-designed website. Good design and navigation keeps customers on your site.

SEO Company | Portland, OR | BOINGFrom keyword research to Google Places optimization, our SEO experts use the latest and most effective rank-boosting techniques. While no one can guarantee results, we’ve found that building a solid SEO foundation, backed with content generation and backlinking strategies, creates the positive momentum you need to climb the search results and capture valuable new traffic.

With over 20 years experience as a successful Web 1.0 and 2.0 corporate Marketing Executive (including management of one of the nation’s largest web properties), and member of the nationally renowned Search Marketing organization SEMPDX, you’ll receive a level of expertise not found in most other SEO resources.

Our proven SEO services list includes the following:

Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research is the foundation of good SEO. Our research discovers the target words and phrases that best describe your business and are selected based on search volume, competition and difficulty. Do you serve a local audience? Local SEO is our expertise. We’ll find the high-impact keywords that are best suited for local search results in your area.

Website Optimization

Mapping keywords to your site and optimizing individual pages for those terms lets the Search Engines know that your website is highly relevant to the search query. We optimize critical elements like page titles, meta descriptions (and more), and make the necessary content changes so each page fully supports the target term. Lastly, we thoroughly analyze your site for SEO technical issues and provide recommended solutions for each issue we identify.

Local Search Engine Optimization

For local businesses, clean and consistent city directory information is a must. We optimize the most authoritative city directory listings including the databases that feed Google Places. We also optimize your Google Places listing – it’s one of the trickiest aspects of Local SEO, but if done correctly can leapfrog you to the top of Google’s Local search results. Let us show you how!

Adwords, Bing and Facebook PPC advertising

Need website traffic right now? Try pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Highly recommended for any business that needs to generate leads, we have extensive experience in setting up and running campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook. For clients who haven’t run Google Adwords campaigns before, we offer a $100 advertising credit through our partnership with Google.

Link Building

Backlinks – or links from other websites to your site — are gas-in-the-engine for powering your site to the top of the search results. We guide you on how to create and distribute content that is most likely to generate backlinks. We also show you how to get more reviews and citations for your business. To accelerate your climb to the top of the rankings, we offer private link building services. Our methods are safe and tested, and place only permanent links to your site. Be careful of SEO companies that build “rented” links. As soon as you stop paying their monthly fee, those links disappear along with your rankings.

Competitive Research

Want to get a handle on what your competitors are doing online? Wonder how they’re dominating the search results while you’re stuck on page 3? We study the traffic, rankings, site optimization, backlink profile, Adwords activity and SEO tactics of your top competitors. We benchmark the competitions’ performance against yours to better understand strengths and weaknesses and analyze backlinking strategies to suggest opportunities to increase your own “footprint”.

Technical SEO Audit

For a deeper dive into how well your site is optimized for top Search Engine performance, we provide complete technical SEO audits. This extensive analysis identifies and documents critical SEO issues on your website. A detailed report scores, analyzes and recommends action items for more than 20 critical SEO areas. A comprehensive presentation and discussion of the results is included.